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Photos by Nick Stannard

Act V scene iii Leontes [Geoffrey Dawe] and Hermione [Patricia McNamara] reconciled.  "O, she's warm!/If this be magic, let it be an art/Lawful as eating.

Act III scene ii: The Trial of Queen Hermione

"You, my lord, best know/(Who least

will seem to do so) my past life/Hath been as continent, as chaste, as

true,/As I am now unhappy; which is more/Than history can pattern, though

devised/And played to take spectators."

Hermione [Patricia McNamara] and Leontes [Geoffrey Dawe]

Act I, scene ii: Leontes [Geoffrey Dawe] and his son Mamillius [Kaleb Szabo].  "Go, play, boy, play. Thy mother plays, andI/Play too; but so disgraced a part, whose issue/Will hiss me to my grave:contempt and clamour/

Will be my knell. Go, play, by, play."

Act IV scene iv: "...in this time of lethergy I picked and

cut most of their festival purses; and had not the old man come in with a

whoo-bub against his daughter and the king's son, and scared my choughs

from the chaf, I had not left a purse alive in the whole army."

Autolycus [Matthew Mercer]

Act IV scene iv: The shepherdess Mopsa [Katherine Kelly Lidz] takes her ease at the sheep-shearing festival.

Act II scene ii: "I'll not call you tyrant;/But this most

cruel usage of your queen--/Not able to produce more accusation/Than your own weak-hinged fancy--something savours/Of tyranny, and will ignoble make

you,/Yea, scandalous to the world."

Paulina [Kirsten Walsh]

Act V scene iii  "...give me leave,/And do not say 'tis

superstition, that/I kneel, and then implore her blessing. Lady,/Dear

queen, that ended when I but began,/Give me that hand of yours to kiss."

Perdita [Carrie Ann Brown]

Act IV scene iv: The shepherds gather for the annual sheep-shearing in Bohemia. 

Center Top: Perdita [Carrie Ann Brown];   (L-R): David Blatt, Kristen Hammer,

Kaleb Szabo, Sri Gordon and John Montague.

ACT V scene iii: Florizel [Jon Dean], the some of the King of Bohemia, is able, at last, to marry his beloved Perdita.

Act V scene iii: "King Polixenes [Jeff Riebe] is reunited in friendship with his boyhood friend, King Leontes.

Act III scene iii:  Antigonus [John Montague] has done his master's cruel bidding, leaving the King's infant daughter on the shore in Bohemia, though he has been warned, "...this place is famous for the creatures/Of prey that keep upon't."

Antigonus, John Montague

Act I, scene ii: "I would not be a stander-by, to hear/My sovereign mistress clouded so, without/My present vengeance taken: 'shrew my heart,/You never spoke what did become you less/Than this; which to reiterate were sin/As deep as that, though true."  Camillo, Lord of Sicilia, [Peter Herrick]

Photos by Nick Stannard