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Photos by Nick Stannard

II iii: Sir Andrew and Sir Toby

“I was adored once, too.”

(Jonathan J. Lidz, Geoffrey Dawe)

III iv: Antonio, baffled that "Sebastian" seems not to recognize him, angrily charges Viola with ingratitude. "Thou hast, Sebastian, done good feature shame."

(Kristen Hammer, John Montague, and Peter Herrick)

Act II scene i: Antonio the pirate

(Peter Herrick)

II ii: Malvolio tries to get Viola to accept Olivia's ring "Come sir, you peevishly threw it to her, and her will is that it should be returned."

(Kristen Hammer, Gregg Dubner)

I iii: Sir Andrew Aguecheek and his boon companion, Sir Toby, cutting capers. Andrew: "I think I have the back-trick simply as strong as any man in Illyria."

(Jonathan J. Lidz, Geoffrey Dawe)

III iv: Sir Andrew is egged on the fight "Cesario" "Go, Sir Andrew... So soon as ever you see him, draw, and as thou draw'st, swear horrible..."

(Debra Zane, Nicholas Stannard, Geoffrey Dawe, Jonathan J. Lidz)

V i: Feste and Fabian with a desperate letter from Malvolio.

(Marc Greece, Nicholas Stannard)

II v: Malvolio practicing polite airs as Fabian, Toby and Andrew watch "Toby approaches; curtsies there to me... I extend my hand to him thus..."

(Gregg Dubner, Nicholas Stannard, Geoffrey Dawe, Jonathan J. Lidz)

Final dance of the lovers.

(Katherine Kelly Lidz, Kristen Hammer, Benjamin Rishworth, Simon Peter Shea)

I v: Malvolio, thinking to please Countess Olivia, whom he has been

led to believe loves him, practices smiling.

'If thou entertainest my love, let it appear in thy smiling, thy

smiles become thee well. Therefore in my presence still smile, dear my

sweet, I prithee.' Jove, I thank thee. I will smile, I will do everything

that thou wilt have me."(Gregg Dubner)

Act III scene i: Lady Olivia is in love with "Cesario", the disguised Viola, who firmly discourages her. "Cesario, by the roses of the spring,

By maidenhood, honour, truth, and everything, I love thee so..."

(Katherine Kelly Lidz)

I v: Olivia excuses Feste's antics as her Steward Malvolio looks on disapprovingly

(Marc Greece, Katherine Kelly Lidz, Gregg Dubner)

IV iii: Olivia, accompanied by her attendant, goes to be married to Sebastian. (Katherine Kelly Lidz, Gretchen Howe)

I i: Count Orsino with his courtiers, Valentine and Curio

(John Montague,   David Blatt, and Benjamin Rishworth)

Orsino and Viola in love.

(Benjamin Rishworth, Kristen Hammer)

Act I scene i: Count Orsino

"If music be the food of love, play on,

Give me excess of it, that surfeiting,

The appetite may sicken and so die."

(Benjamin Rishworth)

Act I, ii: Viola is shipwrecked in Illyria "What country, friends, is this?"

(Nicholas Stannard, Kristen Hammer)

III ii: Sir Toby and Fabian encourage Sir Andrew to challenge "Cesario" to a duel for Olivia's hand.  "Challenge the Count's youth to fight, hurt him in eleven places."

(Geoffrey Dawe, Jonathan J. Lidz, Nicholas Stannard)

I iii: Sir Toby Belch, Countess Olivia's dissolute uncle

(Geoffrey Dawe)

III iv: Toby tells the reluctant "Cesario" that Andrew must be fought

(Geoffrey Dawe, Kristen Hammer)

V i: Toby wounded by Sebastian.

(Geoffrey Dawe)

Feste accompanies the final song and dance. "But that's all one, our play is done, And we'll strive to please you every day." (Gretchen Howe, Marc Greece)

V i: The twins are finally reunited, in the presence of Orsino and Olivia. Sebastian: "Do I stand there? I never had a brother, Nor can there be that deity in my nature Of here and everywhere. I had a sister..." (Simon Peter Shea, Benjamin Rishworth, Katherine Kelly Lidz, Kristen Hammer)

Sebastian and Viola

(Simon Peter Shea, Kristen Hammer)

Photos by Nick Stannard