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Act IV scene ii:  Thinking his ailing father has died, Hal lifts the crown from the King's pillow:  "Thy due from me /Is tears and heavy sorrows of the blood,

/Which nature, love, and filial tenderness /Shall, O dear father, pay thee plenteously.  /My due from thee is this imperial crown /Which immediate from thy place and blood, /Derives itself to me."  Brian Morvant, [Prince Hal]

(Photo by Steve Barrett)

INDUCTION: “Open your ears; for which of you will stop/The vent of hearing when loud Rumour speaks? /I from the Orient to the drooping West /(Making the wind my post-horse) still unfold /The acts commenced on this ball of earth; /Upon my tongues continuous slanders ride, /The which in every language I pronounce,

/Stuffing the ears of men with false reports.” Rumour [Steven Eng]

(Photo by Nick Stannard)

Act I scene i: The Earl of Northumberland, [Nicholas Stannard], gravely ill, rages at the news that his son, Harry Percy (Hotspur) is dead.  “Now bound my brows with iron, and approach /The raggeds't hour that Time and Spite dare bring

/To frown upon th'enraged Northumberland! /Let heaven kiss earth! Now let not nature's hand /Keep the wild flood confined, let order die, /And let this world no longer be a stage /To feed contention in a lingering act; /But let one spirit of the first-born Cain /Reign in all bosoms, that each heart being set /On bloody courses, the rude scene may end, /And darkness be the burier of the dead.”

(Photo by Al Foote III)

Act II scene i: Please change caption to: The Lord Chief Justice [Steven Eng], accompanied by his clerk [Miriam Lipner], encounters Falstaff in distress:

"How now, Sir John? What are you brawling here?

Doth this become your place, your time, and business?"

(Photo by Al Foote III)

Act II scene i: Mistress Quickly [Donna Stearns], having at long last lost all patience

with Falstaff [Benjamin Curns], assaults him:

"I'll throw thee in the channel. Wilt thou, wilt thou, thou bastardly rogue?”

(Photo by Al Foote III)

Act II scene i: Officer Snare [John Montague] has been hired by Mistress Quickly [Donna Stearns] to arrest Falstaff. "It may chance cost some of us our lives,

for he will stab."

(Photo by Al Foote III)

Act III scene i: King Henry [Peter Galman] is brought hopeful news by the loyal Warwick [Joseph Hamel] King Henry: “...you perceive the body of our kingdom

           /How fowl it is, what rank diseases grow, /And with what danger near the heart.”  Warwick:   “It is but as a body yet distempered /Which to his former strength may be retsord /With good advice and little medicine.   /My Lord Northumberland will soon be cooled.”   (Photo by Al Foote III)

Act III scene i: The anxious and ailing King [Peter Galman], his sons in the field awaiting battle, cannot sleep. "Cans't thou, O partial sleep, give thy repose

/To the wet sea-son in an hour so rude, /And, in the calmest and most stillest night

/With all appliances and means to boot, /Deny it to a king? Then happy low lie down, /Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown."

(Photo by Steve Barrett)

Act II scene iv: Officers of the Army have come seeking Falstaff,

and he is going off to war.

Doll Tearsheet [Vanessa Elder], Bemjamin Curns [Falstaff], and Mistress Quickly [Donna Stearns]. (Photo by Al Foote III)

Act II scene iv: The romantic evening anticipated by Doll, [Vanessa Elder] is interrupted by the unwanted arrival of Ancient Pistol:

"Hang him for a swaggering rascal, let him not come hither. It is the foul-mouthedst rogue in England." (Photo by Al Foote III)

Act II scene iv: Falstaff, [Benjamin Curns] having won over Mistress Quickly, spends his last night in London before leaving for the battle at her tavent, dallying

with one of her wenches, Doll Tearsheet [Vanessa Elder] "Can a weak empty vessel bear such a huge full hogshead? There's a whole merchant's venture of Bordeaux stuff in him: you have not seen a hulk better stuffed in the hold. Come, I'll be friends with thee, Jack: thou art going to the wars, and whether I shall ever see thee again or no, there is nobody cares."(Photo by Al Foote III)

Act II scene iv: What had begun as a tender farewell supper a deux has gone to hell. (L-R) Bardolph [Joseph Small], Pistol [Peter Herrick], Doll Tearsheet [Vanessa

Elder], Falstaff [Benjamin Curns], and his Page [Joann Sacco]

(Photo by Al Foote III)

Act III scene ii: Deep in Gloucestershire live two dimwitted and wealthy old coots, Justice Shallow [Nicholas Stanard], (L) Justice Silence [John Montague], (R).

Shallow: "I was once at Clement's Inn where I think they will talk of mad

Shallow yet."  Silence: "You were called Lusty Shallow then, cousin."

Shallow: "By the Mass, I was called anything, and I would have done

anything indeed too, and roundly too... Then was Jack Falstaff, now Sir

John, a boy, and page to Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk." 

(Photo by Al Foote III)

ACT III scene ii: Falstaff is passing through Gloucestershire, abusing the recruiting

process for personal gain, and Bardolph [Joseph Small] is his advance man.

"My captain, sir, commends him to you, my captain Sir John Falstaff, a

tall gentleman, by heaven, and a most gallant leader."  (Photo by Al Foote III)

Act IV scene ii: Prince Hal [Brian Morvant] leaves the King's bedchamber to mourn, thinking his father dead, but the King revives and bitterly chastises Hal for taking the crown prematurely. Hal defends himself:  "Coming to look on you, thinking you dead,/And dead almost, my liege, to think you were, /I spake unto this crown as having sense, /And thus upbraided it: 'The care on thee depending /Hath fed upon the body of my father, /Therefore thou best of gold art worse than gold, /Other, less fine, in carat more precious, /Preserving life in med'cine potable; /But thou, most fine, most honored, most renowned, /Hast eat thy bearer up.' Thus, my most royal liege, /Accusing it, I put it on my head, /To try with it, as with an enemy

/That had before my face murdered my father, /The quarrel of a true inheritor."

(Photo by Al Foote III)

Act IV scene ii: “God put it in thy mind to take it hence,/That thou mightst win the more thy father’s love,/Pleading so wisely in excuse of it!” King Henry IV [Peter Galman]; and Brian Morvant, [Prince Henry].

(Photo by  Al Foote III)

Act IV scene i: Scrope, Archbishop of York [Nathan Carlos Clifford] (center);  and Thomas, Lord Mowbray [Yury Lomakin] (R); rebels against the King.

Archbishop: "Wherefore do I this? So the question stands. /Briefly, to this end: we are all diseased, /And with our suffering and wanton hours /Have brought ourselves into a burning fever /And we must bleed for it; of which disease

             /Our late King Richard being infected died."

(Photo by Al Foote III)

Joann Sacco, [Falstaff’s Page]

(Photo by Al Foote III)

Act V scene iii: Returning from battle Falstaff and Bardolph wallow in the good life at Justice Shallow's well-appointed county manse. In the handsome garden Silence leads all in song:  "...we shall /Do nothing but eat and make good cheer, /And praise God for the merry year, /When flesh is cheap and females dear, /And lusty lads roam here and there,/So merrily, /And ever among so merrily."

Bardolph [Joseph Small], Silence [John Montague], Justice Shallow's

servant Davy [Josh Vink], and Shallow [Nicholas Stannard].

(Photo by Steve Barrett)

Act V scene iii: “Fill the cup and let it come.  I’ll pledge you a mile to th’ bottom.”   John Montague [Silence], (R); and Joseph Small [Bardolph], (L)

(Photo by Steve Barrett)

Act V scene iii: Pistol [Peter Herrick] bursts in to bring the news Falstaff

has longed to hear for years:

"Sir John, thy tender lambkin now is king: /Harry the Fifth's the man, I speak the truth. /When Pistol lies, do this and fig me, like /The bragging Spaniard!"

(Photo by Al  Foote III)

Act V scene ii: The bells toll the death of King Henry IV and London waits to find out

what life will now be like under Henry V. The Chief Justice, who once imprisoned Prince Hal and always stood for law and order as opposed to Hal and Falstaff's riot, is resigned to losing his post, if not, indeed, his head. But the new King's first official act is to re-confirm the Lord Chief Justice, and humbly beg his fatherly guidance:

"Therefore still bear the balance and the sword, /And I do wish your honors may increase /Till you do live to see a son of mine /Offend you and obey yu as I did.

/So shall I live to speak my father's words: /'Happy am I to have a man so bold

/That dares do justice on my proper son; /And not less happy, having such a son

/That would deliver up his greatness so."  (L-R) Warwick [Joseph Hamel], Lord Chief Justice [Steven Eng], King Henry V [Brian Morvant] Prince John [Joseph Mitchell Parks], Prince Thomas [Joann Sacco], Prince Humphrey [Miriam Lipner].

(Photo by Steve Barrett)

Act V scene v: Having raced from Gloucestershire for the coronation, Falstaff eagerly

anticipates the boons that will be his, to bestow and to keep. "Stand here by me, Master Shallow; I will make the king do you grace. I will leer upon him as a comes by, and do but mark the countenance that he will give me."

(L-R) Guard [Mark Jeter], Bardolph [Joseph Small], Shallow [Nicholas

Stannard], Pistol [Peter Herrick], Falstaff [Benjamin Curns].

(Photo by Al Foote III)

Brian Morvant [King Henry V]

(Photo by Steve Barrett)

Joan Sacco [Epilogue]

“My tongue is weary; when my legs are too, I will bid you good night”

(Photo by Steve Barrett)

Act IV scene i:  The noble Westmorland [John Montague] is sent from the King's forces to parley with the rebel Lords. "You, Lord Archbishop,/Whose see is by a civil peace maintained, /Whose learning and good letters peace hath tutored, /Whose white investments figure innocence, /The dove and very blessed spirit of peace, /Wherefore do you so ill translate yourself /Out of the speech of peace, that wears such grace,

/Into the harsh and boist'rous tongue of war-- /Turning your books to graves, your ink to blood, /Your pens to lances and your tongue divine /To a loud trumpet and a point of war?  (Photo by Al Foote III)