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Act I, scene i: The First Citizen rallies the starving plebeians of Rome: "You know Caius Martius is chief enemy of the people./Let us kill him, and we'll have corn at our own price."  The Citizens (L-R Kristopher Kling, Eric Emmanuel, Seth D.

Rabinowitz, and Brian Nocella)

(Photo by Nick Stannard)

Act II, scene i: Coriolanus: Your hand, and yours./Ere in our own house I do shade my head, /The good Partricians must be visited, /From whom I have received not only greetings,/But with the change of honors.  Volumnia: I have lived /To see inherited my very wishes/And the buildings of my own fancy; only/There's one thing wanting, which I doubt not but /Our Rome will cast upon thee. Coriolanus:  Know, good mother,/I had rather be thier servant in my way, /Than sway with them in theirs.

Caius Martius Coriolanus, the patrician general, returns victorious from the wars. Coriolanus [Marcus Dean Fuller]; Valeria [Carol Biaggi]; Volumnia [Elizabeth McGuire]; and Virgilia [Katherine Kelly Lidz].

(Photo by Nick Stannard)

Act II, scene i: Menenius [Frank Mihelich], a leading aristocrat, and Cominius

[Donald Warfield], the commanding general of Rome, rejoice in

Coriolanus' astonishing triumph.

(Photo by Nick Stannard)

ACT I scene v: Coriolanus' fellow general, Titus Lartius [Peter Richards], thinking him dead, eulogises him on the battlefield before Coriolus. “Thou was't a soldier /Even to Cato's wish, not fierce and terrible /Only in strokes, but with thy

grim looks, and /The thunder-like percussion of thy sounds,/Thou mad'st thine enemies shake, as if the world/Were feverous, and did tremble. 

(Photo by Nick Stannard)

ACT II scene iv: The Tribunes of the People, Brutus [Nicholas Stannard] and Sicinius [Duncan Hazard], plot to turn Rome against Coriolanus.

Brutus: “This mutiny were better put in hazard, /Then stay past doubt for greater. /If, as his nature is, he fall in rage, /With their refusal, both observe and answer /The vantage of his anger.”   Sicinius:  “To th' Capitol, come; /We shall be there before the stream o'th' people; /And shall seem, as partly 'tis, their own, /Which we have goaded onward.”

(Photo by Nick Stannard)

Act V scene iii: Volumnia [Elizabeth McGuire], Coriolanus' implacable mother, dresses in rags and brings his son [Daren Dubner] to convince Coriolanus to spare Rome after he has gone over to the enemy:

“Speak thou, boy/Perhaps thy childishness will move him."

(Photo by Nick Stannard)

Act IV scene i:  Virgilia [Katherine Kelly Lidz], Coriolanus' beautiful wife,

weeps at his downfall.

(Photo by Nick Stannard)

ACT II scene iii: The leading senators of Rome [Peter Herrick and Adam Raynen L to R] welcome the victorious hero, soon to join their government as Consul of Rome: “To Coriolanus come all joy and honor.”

(Photo by Nick Stannard)

ACT I scene x:  The supreme general of the army, Cominius [Donald

Warfield] lauds Coriolanus' spectactular deeds in battle: “Therefore be it known,

/As to us, to all the world, that aius Martius /Wear's this war's garland" in token of which/My noble steed, known to the camp, I give him,/With all his trim belonging; and from this time,/For what he did before Corioles, call him,/With all th' applause and clamor of the host, /Caius Martius Coriolanus. Bear/Th' addition nobly ever!”

(Photo by Nick Stannard)

ACT III scene i: Coriolanus [Marcus Dean Fuller], newly elected Consul of Rome, still obseses about his great enemy Aufidius: “Coriolanus: Spoke he of me? “ Titus Lartius:  “He did, my lord.”  Coriolanus:  “How? What?”  Titus Lartius: “How often he had met you sword to sword; /That of all things upon the earth he hated /Your person the most; that he would pawn his fortunes /To hopeless restitution, so he might /Be called your vanquisher.”   Coriolanus: “At Antium lives he?”  Titus Lartius: “At Antium.”  Coriolanus:   “I wish I had a cause to seek him there,

/To oppose his hatred fully.”

(Photo by Al Foote III)

ACT III scene ii: The populace, manipulated by the Tribunes Brutus and Sicinius, have rejected Coriolanus [Marcus Dean Fuller] as consul. His mother Volumnia [Elizabeth McGuire] instructs him in the art of pandering to the unwashed. 

Coriolanus: “I will not do't. /Lest I surcease to honor my own truth, /And by my body's action teach my mind/A most inherent baseness.” Volumnia:  “At thy choice then: / To beg of thee, it is more my dishonor, /Then thou of them.

Come all to ruin, let /Thy mother feel thy pride, then fear /Thy dangerous stoutness: for I do mock at death/With as big a heat as thou. Do as yhou list,

/Thy valiantness was mine, thou suck'st it from me:/But owe thy pride thyself. Coriolanus: Pray be content; /Mother I am going to the marketplace;/

Chide me no more. I'll mountebank their loves, /Cog thier hearts from them, and come home beloved/Of all the trades in Rome. Look, I am going:

/Commend me to my wife, I'll return consul, /

Or never trust what my tongue can do /I'th' way of flattery further.”

Volumnia: “Do your will.” (Exit)

(Photo by Al Foote III)

ACT V scene vi: When Coriolanus returns to Antium after making peace with Rome, Aufidius and the people turn on him and slaughter him in the public square . A

Volscian lord [Brian Nocella] speaks for the shocked nobles: “Bear from hence his body,/And mourn for him. Let him be regarded/As the most noble corpse the ever herald/Did follow to his urn.”

(Photo by Nick Stannard)

ACT V scene v: Volumia and Coriolanus' family return to Rome, having convinced him to spare the city to the great relief of all, even the sour Tribunes who had

caused him to take arms against his native city in spite. First Senator: Behold our patroness, the life of Rome:/Call you your tribes together, raise the gods,

               /And make triumphant fires, strew flowers before them. /Unshoot the noise that banished Martius; /Repeal him, with the welcome of his mother.

               /Cry "Welcome, Ladies, welcome!" 

Pictured: Sicinius [Duncan Hazard], and the First Senator [Peter Herrick].

(Photo by Nick Stannard)

ACT IV scene viii: After Coriolanus goes over to the enemy side, Aufidius' own men are dazzled by him, to Aufidius' growing alarm and anger.

Aufidius' Lieutenant [Julian Elfer]: I do not know what witchcraft's in him, but /Your soldiers use him as grace 'fore meat, /Their talk at table, and their thanks at end,/And you are darkened in this action, Sir,/ Even by your own.

(Photo by Nick Stannard)

ACT V scene i: The Tribune Brutus [Nicholas Stannared] pleads with reluctant Menenius to go to Coriolanus and convince him not to destroy Rome. "You know the very road into his kindness, /And cannot lose your way."

(Photo by Nick Stannard)

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